CineMatch CineMatch

A revolutionary camera-matching tool from

For editors, color graders, DITs and cinematographers.

Match footage from a range of digital cinema cameras, mirrorless and DSLRs in a few clicks.

For Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro

Cross Platform Mac Windows

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How it Works

1. Sensor Match

Using dedicated camera packs, CineMatch converts your footage from one Log picture style to another. Mix and match between SLog2/3, CLog, BRaw, V-Log/L, RED IPP2 and more, and apply the correct REC.709 transform with a single click.

Currently CineMatch supports

Why CineMatch is Unique

To get the most accurate match between colrs, you can't just apply one camera's "color science" to your foootage. CineMatch starts by profiling the camera's sensor, so we can compensate for the differences between each camera we support.

The sensor match step plus the color science transform is what makes CineMatch the most accurate camera matching workflow available.

2. Camera Adjustments

Make basic adjustments using controls customised to your camera profile

3. Match Refinement

Refine your match with our intelligent color picker

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Our Progress

CineMatch is now available for Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro for trial download and purchase. We're adding new camera support every month, and have lots of new features in development too - sign up for updates

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