CineMatch CineMatch

Why CineMatch is essential

for accurate camera-matching

The "look" of a camera has two ingredients - the light-sensing characteristics of the sensor, and the color science created by the camera manufacturer.

The color science is tailored to the performance of the sensor, and will only reproduce the correct colors when paired with the right sensor.

When you add a color space transform to convert, say, Canon footage to Sony's color science, all you're doing is applying the color science from one camera to a sensor it wasn't designed for.

You might get okay results, if the sensors are very similar - but if the sensors perform differently, just slapping on some new color science won't give you an accurate match.

How CineMatch works

To get truly matched colors, you need to go a step further, by first aligning sensor data from your source to your target - and that's what makes CineMatch different.

With CineMatch, we profile each camera individually under identical shooting conditions, so when a camera records a color, we know exactly how every other sensor reproduces that same color.

After adjusting the colors recorded by the sensor so they align, we then reapply the target camera's color science, so it matches the sensor output it's designed for.