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"Matched C200 to original C100. Aside from inherent differences in sharpness, this has matched the footage 99%. Even though both cameras are Canon, I've always had difficulty removing the more yellowy color of the C100. This plugin is absolutely incredible."
"Everything was really straight forward and the colouring tools are excellent. I managed to match my Panasonic S1H with my Sony a6400 without problems."
Matt H.
"It was as simple as selecting my cameras and adjusting the exposure and wb sliders in CineMatch. It was unbelievably easy to get a great match. I've been matching a BMPCC4K and X-T3."
"I love it! I love being able to select my footage to match an arri! It’s also great, as I shoot Canon, Sony and GH5. I’ve been able to easily match Sony and GH5!"
"I am using α7III on HLG3 with a few color adjustments. I successfully matched it with Fuji LOG, before cinematch I was able to bring them close but impossible to match them"

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